Scout Cloud Gateway

Scout Cloud Gateway

Scout Cloud Gateway (SCG) is an integrated solution that enables companies to quickly and securely connect end-point devices operating in remote, distributed environments.
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About SCG

Scale Your Remote Work Strategy

Employees working from home, remote office or in the field can quickly connect their end-point devices running eLux to Scout via a secure connection. SCG enables Scout to manage eLux client devices that are used outside the corporate network. Once authenticated the end-point devices can be managed dynamically from the intranet as well as the internet.

Solution Highlights

SCG enables both large enterprises and businesses to scale their computing and extend digital workspaces to a global pool of talent without any limits, constraints or additional licensing costs.
Administrators can now easily manage end-point devices operating in distributed, remote and mobile work scenarios without the need for a VPN backend.
SCG provides administrators a streamlined way of deploying end-point devices to remote users and provide the same manageability via Scout as they do for endpoints on the intranet.
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Save Time and Costs

SCG establishes a secure connection between the end-point device and the Scout Management solution eliminating the need for an expensive and dedicated VPN connection.

Ready for Anytime, Anywhere Work Scenarios

SCG helps local IT streamline operations and meet business needs, end-user demands quickly in home office, remote or mobile work scenarios. Businesses can deploy digital workspaces in a lean, efficient manner.

Enhance Security for Remote Digital Workspaces

Deliver a secure, stable and consistent experience to a diverse, distributed and remote workforce. Local IT can remotely manage access to end-point devices operating out of the corporate LAN.

Business Continuity

Administrators can deploy digital workspaces to leverage rapidly evolving cloud platforms, enabling business continuity and operational agility.
Feature Highlights
Feature Highlights
Feature Highlights
Feature Highlights
Feature Highlights
Built-in VPN Backend
SCG comes with a VPN connection that is established and provided automatically. Devices of remote, home office and mobile workers can be securely connect to Scout end-point management without the need for a separate VPN backend.
Feature Highlights
Scale Your Remote Footprint Reliably
SCG enables companies to grow their remote footprint by enabling connections for up to 3000 devices per SCG instance that are out of the corporate LAN. Furthermore, companies can seamlessly cluster SCG instances in scenarios that demand higher end-point counts.
Feature Highlights
Dynamic Secure Access
SCG automatically recognizes remote devices operating dynamically from the internet and also the intranet. First time users need to authenticate via Active Directory, Identity Provider, or access tokens enabling local IT to manage access to remote devices and end-points with ease.
Feature Highlights
Seamless Roll Out
SCG enables large enterprises and businesses to support business continuity in a seamless manner. Local IT can now conveniently roll out new devices to employees that can only join remotely or who cannot make it to a normal, traditional office set up. SCG ensures devices irrespective of their location – remote, home, on-the-move – can be integrated in the corporate environment with the right configurations.

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